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Welcome to Valleydayle Doodles, Wheatens, & Whoodles
Responsibly Raised Puppies Located in Newark, Ohio



Golden Doodles

This designer breed has been around for over 20 years. Poodles have been bred with other breeds for centuries. The no-shed coat of the poodle and their allergy friendliness has led to the popularity of mixing them. Golden Doodles have a hypoallergenic, low to no shed coat. They have curly, loose curl or wavey coats and do need to be brushed and groomed. The mix of the retriever and the poodle gives us intelligent, loving, social dogs. They are great family pets being easygoing and friendly to everyone. They are human focused, adaptable, quick learners with a willingness to please. We sometimes refer to them as “Velcro” dogs as they want to be everywhere their families are. Due to their gentle temperament and ease of training they are frequently used for therapy dogs, agility search and rescue but foremost pets. Life span is generally 10-15 years. They come in a variety of sizes. A multigenerational doodle has been bred to keep a good percentage of the retriever in the genetics.


Soft Coated
Wheaten Terriers

These dogs descendants came from Ireland. They are thought to be derived from the Kerry Blue Terrier and the Irish Terrier. They were bred by poor tenant farmers as an all-purpose farm dog.  They arrived in America in the 1940’s and were recognized by AKC in 1973.

       They are a medium sized dogs with extremely soft, non-shedding, hypoallergenic coats. The coats do need to be brushed to avoid matting and need regular grooming. They exhibit no dog smell like other breeds.

        A well-bred Wheaten is happy, steady and less quarrelsome than other terrier breeds. They are an active, fun-loving breed and enjoy many activities such as Obedience, Agility, Scent Work, Fly-ball, and numerous others. They are human focused and want to please their families. Wheatens are also used for Therapy dogs.

       The Wheaten Terrier is predisposed to several health issues, but preforming health testing can easily avoid these by knowing the breeding dog’s genetics. A well bred Wheaten can live well into the upper their teens.



This breed is a mix of the soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and a poodle, sometimes a Golden Doodle. This dog is a total package of both breeds. They are fantastic companions for active families, are incredibly gentle, and make wonderful family pets. They are friendly, affectionate, intelligent, adaptable, and social. The life expectancy is 12-15 years. Height 12”-20” and weight 20-45 lbs. They are hypoallergenic, non-shedding, and need to be groomed. There is no dog odor with this breed.

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